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Our CEO Mr. Musa spended years with optimizing our different Shayi. His experience is the base of our high quality tea products.
All shayiMaster’s Tea especially Musa’s Special Shayi are well blended to recreate the magic of tea (Shayi) with a unique social African tea twist made from different recipes and spices carefully collected to improve maximum health and wellness as well as carry the amazing taste of pure nature in your mouth and tastebud.

Shayi Masters’ Musa’s Special shayi is very important and fantastic for children of all ages, just add only Milk and do not add lemon or lime before giving to children.

It is also fantastic for pregnant women from their second trimester as it helps reduces pregnancy challenges drastically.


Never go a morning and an evening without a cup from shayimasters.


All Ingredients are from Mambila plateau in Nigeria, Maiduguri in Nigeria and Niger Republic and are grown pesticide-free

Elderly Mix

Elderly Mix

Specially selected herbs & roots like goriba, mint leaf, garlic, ginseng & many more are very suitable for the elderly because of the numerous health benefits

18.00 $ Add
Musa Double Double for men

Musa Double Double for men

Double Double is a perfectly blended mixture of herbs & roots that aids blood circulation & grossly boosts performance in men

19.90 $ Add

Musa Special Mix 150 gram

Our professional head tea designer Mr. Musa tested and optimised this mix for years. He achieved a wonderful mixture of healthy and well tasting tea.
With it´s slightly alkaline pH value the Musa Special mix supports essential processes in the human body and provides the basis of a healthy life.

- Protection against action of free radicals
- Repairs cellular damages consistent with ageing
- Regulates systolic and diastolic blood pressure
- Increase brain activities
- Lower the risk of Alzheimer
- Reduces heart diseases
- Improves sleeps reducing insomnia
- Help boost libido and increases sexual performance especially in men
- Protects the liver from oxidative stress
- Protects against all forms of cancer
- Reduces tiredness and fatigue
- Supports the immune system

Ginger Root, Garlic, Green Tea, Goruba Fruit, Mint

pH 7,02
Amino Acid, Threonine 7,00%
Protein 3,86%
Lysine 4,0 %
Cysteine 0,3 %
Mannose 32,0 %
Calcium 16,0 mg/g
Magnesium 12,0 mg/g
Potassium 13,0 mg/g
Iron 10,0 mg/g
Vitamin B12 22,0 mg/g
Mositure 4,0 %
Vitamin B2, B6, B12, C, A, E Traces

Store in a cool & dry place

Get a quick reset of your original self by;
a. Take a scoop of Shayimasters Tea and BREW for 10 to 15 minutes, let it simmer for another 5 minutes.
b. Pour it or filter into a jug, mug or tea cup. You can add honey, sugar or lemon depending on your taste and stir gently.
c. Your Shayi is READY!!!!!!!

16.90 $ Add
Slimming Tea Mix

Slimming Tea Mix

Herbal slimming tea is clinically formulated to breakdown stubborn belly fat & blood cholesterol to help improve wellness

19.90 $ Add
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